Why certifications are better than degrees

Atti Polokwane: Why certifications are better than degrees

Not everyone is meant for four-year college degrees. As much as higher education remains valuable over the years, there are cases when a person is more fit for certificate programs. However, contrary to popular belief, that does not make a professional less qualified than people who graduate from prestigious universities. 

The debate of certifications vs. college degrees has gone on for so many years now. Although each category has its own share of benefits, Atti Polokwane believes that getting into a certification program is a smart choice. Here’s why:

Certification is cheaper

Let’s face it: college is extremely expensive even if you seek financial aid or scholarships. You have to think about your daily expenses such as food, accommodation and other bills to pay on time. 

On the other hand, certifications are at least five times less expensive than a traditional college degree. This is the most ideal option for people who don’t have the privilege to enrol in a university. Moreover, some programs can be completed and done online, so you can save more money while learning.

Certification is less time-consuming

Compared to college degrees that can take up to four years, certification takes less time to complete. Depending on the field you’ve chosen, you can usually obtain a certificate in just a few months or a year. Besides, you won’t have to attend hours of lectures and seminars within an entire semester.

For young people who still can’t figure out what they truly want to do, a certification might be the best option. For instance, you can sign up for a certification program that only lasts for 6 months. If you find out it’s not what you want to pursue, you can change paths without feeling bad that you wasted so much time.

Moreover, certifications don’t take too much time to finish because they are straightforward. You get exactly what you paid for. If you apply for a certificate because you want to boost your IT skills, no one will require you to take literature subjects.

Certification pays faster

Some people might argue that college degrees are a lot better than certificates since they are the minimum requirement in entry-level jobs. However, not all of them pay well and fast. Every money that you’ve invested in college may return, but it would take five to ten years before it can happen.

With certifications, the case is entirely different. More often than not, employers search for candidates that have a specific set of skills. This is especially true in the IT industry since they focus more on your training and certifications, and not on your degree alone. Hence, the moment that you pass your certification exam, countless job opportunities are waiting for you.

At Atti Polokwane, plenty of high-quality certifications are available for you. No matter what path you choose, we will help you prepare and be well-equipped for a better future.

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