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Purpose & Rationale Telecommunication Network Operations

This qualification will equip a person to perform functions in the Network Operations environment within the telecommunications Industry. Telecommunications covers a wide range of specialization areas. These areas are, Management and surveillance of Information and Communication Technology Networks, Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol Networks Operations, Installation and Maintenance of Customer Premises Equipment, Operation of Telecommunications Transport Systems, Maintenance of Telecommunication Cables, Installation of Telecommunication Cables , Operation of Telecommunication Lines and Installation of Network Elements.

Each specialization area encompasses a unique, autonomous job function. The qualifying learner will have acquired the knowledge, and be able to function as a competent operations specialist in one of the specialization areas listed above. Multiple specializations is not a requirement for this qualification although natural progression is desirable and allowed.The competencies required for this qualification may be acquired through learnerships or skills programs. Acquiring this qualification has the benefit of addressing problems historically associated with non-OBE training where newly qualified people struggled to get employment due to a lack of experiential training in the workplace.

  • Certificate : Further Education and Training Certificate: Telecommunication Network Operations
  • SAQA Qualification ID : SAQA QUALIFICATION ID: 59057
  • Minimum Credits : 132
  • NQF Level : 4

To enter this program you must successfully complete the Front-Office Assessment. The minimum qualification requirement is Grade 12 and Communication and Numerical Skills at Level 4

Recognition of Prior Learning will be applicable in certain circumstances. This will be dealt with on an individual basis.


  • Certified Copy of your ID
  • Certified Copy of your guardian / next of keen ID
  • Certified copy of Grade 12 Certificate
  • 2 Passport Photographs

If you are a minor, or if someone else is responsible for your fees, then that person should accompany you at the time of registration to fill in legal documentation

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This qualification was developed to allow for further study in Information and Communication Technology and related fields at Higher Education levels once they are developed.

This program will serve as the exit point into various NQF Level 5 qualifications:
> Programme in Telecommunications which is currently in the conceptual stage and will address the fields of IP, Fixed Line, Product Development and Mobility.
> ID 48872; National Certificate: Information Technology (Systems Development).
> ID 48573; National Certificate: Information Technology: Systems Support.

– List and explain the elements that comprise a current and a next generation telecommunication network.

– Explain the uses of telecommunication protocols and telecommunication principles.

– Explain the characteristics and benefits of available telecommunications products and services in both the commodity and value added (VAS) ranges.

– Commission, maintain, diagnose faults, and repair telecommunication equipment.

– Function in the workforce management and network management environment.

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