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Purpose & Rationale Radio Station Management

The purpose of this qualification is for learners to be able to manage the sourcing, selection and maintenance of a radio station’s output. The National Certificate in Radio Station Management (NQF Level 5) qualification is generic across commercial, public and community service fields. The qualification will create larger pool of competent station managers to meet the growing need for competence. Apart from the competencies gained, other advantages of the qualification to learners include recognition, mobility, standardization, and broad competency base across areas (some of which are generic).

  • Certificate : National Certificate: Radio Station Management
  • SAQA Qualification ID : SAQA QUALIFICATION ID: 49122
  • Minimum Credits : 157
  • NQF Level : 5

To enter this program you must successfully complete the Front-Office Assessment. The minimum qualification requirement is Grade 12 and Communication at Level 4.
Recognition of Prior Learning will be applicable in certain circumstances. This will be dealt with on an individual basis.


  • Computer literacy (word processing and spreadsheets end use) at NQF Level 3
  • Project management at NQF Level 4
  • Achieving audience strategy objectives in radio at NQF Level 5
  • Research analysis and implementation at NQF Level 4
  • Writing business reports at NQF Level 4
  • Time management at NQF Level 4



  • Certified Copy of your ID
  • Certified Copy of your guardian / next of keen ID
  • Certified copy of Grade 12 Certificate
  • Certified Copies of all relevant Qualifications
  • 2 Passport Photographs

If you are a minor, or if someone else is responsible for your fees, then that person should accompany you at the time of registration to fill in legal documentation

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Vertical articulation upwards is possible with, for example, the National First Degree in Customer Management at NQF Level 6. Vertical articulation downwards is possible with, for example, the National Certificate in Music Industry Business and Management at NQF Level 4. Horizontal articulation on the NQF is possible with, for example, the National Certificate in Management at NQF Level 5 (24493), and the National Certificate in Radio Production (NQF Level 5).

  • Compile business plans in accordance with stakeholders requirementsManage human resources to optimize performance in radio stationsApply financial management principles in order to maximize revenue and minimize costs

    Develop and implement marketing strategies in order to optimize brand awareness

    Maximize advertising sales to optimize financial viability and stability of radio stations

    Manage operations and facilities to achieve business objectives


    Select music for radio stations

    Manage radio station music databases

    Schedule music for radio stations

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