Education and Training are central activities of our Society. They are of vital interest to the ever family and to the health and prosperity of our national economy. The government’s policy for education and training is therefore a matter of national importance.

Developing the Human Resource of the country is both a goal of Government and the requirements of achieving the Reconstruction and Development goals of the Government’s Educational Policy. Appropriate education and training can empower people to participate effectively in all the processes of a democratic society, economic activity, cultural expression and community life, and can help citizens to build a nation free of race, gender and every other form of discrimination.

Government is emphasizing the importance of training and development as they aim to remove the barriers of employability of those that have fewer opportunities to do so. This is where the idea of life-long learning is becoming the main initiative of the government to create such opportunities to a wide-range of communities and backgrounds

Benefits of Life-long training

  • At the individual level there is a close relationship between learning and job prospect, especially in terms of minimizing unemployment and increase overall earnings
  • Supporting the career and development of the employee.
  • Improving Performance of the work that is done on a day-to-day.
  • Supporting flexible and job-relevant learning, through on-going training and assessment in the workplace.
  • Supporting employer’s objectives for HRD by focusing on relevant job skills.
  • Supporting employee’s employability objectives.