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Purpose & Rationale New Venture Creation

The purpose of the Qualification is to develop the appropriate skills and knowledge required by a person for the establishment and development of a small to medium business venture, and address the economic, administrative and behavioral (psycho-social) barriers that contribute to success in starting and sustaining the venture.

This qualification is intended for persons who wish to start, operate, manage and grow a new small to medium business venture. Learners attempting this qualification will be equipped with a variety of technical, business managerial and personal skills and strategies to help them succeed in the creation and sustenance of a business. The successful learner will develop a sound foundation for the application of these skills and knowledge to explore a diverse range of entrepreneurial opportunities.


  • Certificate : FET Certificate: New Venture Creation
  • SAQA Qualification ID : 66249
  • Minimum Credits : 149
  • NQF Level : 4

To enter this program you must have the following skills and knowledge, Communication at NQF Level 3 and Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 3. The minimum qualification requirement is Grade 10 (Std 8) or equivalent and you must be at least 19 years of age.
Recognition of Prior Learning will be applicable in certain circumstances. This will be dealt with on an individual basis.

  • Certified Copy of your ID
  • Certified Copy of your guardian / next of keen ID
  • Certified copy of Grade 11 results
  • 2 Passport Photographs

If your a minor, or if someone else is responsible for your fees, then that person should accompany you at the time of registration to fill in legal documentation

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This Qualification lends itself to both vertical and horizontal articulation possibilities.

Horizontal articulation is possible with the following Qualifications:

  • ID 48883: Further Education and Training Certificate: Small Business Advising (Information Support), NQF Level 4.
  • ID 57712: Further Education and Training Certificate: Generic Management, NQF Level 4.Vertical articulation is possible with the following qualifications:
  • ID 48886: National Certificate: Business Advising, NQF Level 5.
  • ID 48874: National Certificate: Business Consulting Practice (Enterprise Resource Planning), NQF Level 5.
  • ID 59201: National Certificate: Generic Management, NQF Level 5.


1.Demonstrate an ability to identify and create a new venture.

2. Demonstrate knowledge of interpersonal skills required in a business environment.

3. Demonstrate an understanding of basic economics within an market economy.

4. Manage a new venture by applying business principles and techniques.

5. Demonstrate an understanding of the role of leadership and management.

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